Art of Dance Köln the choice of champions


SUMMER CAMP im Art of Dance

From 02.-05.August the Art of Dance Köln again organising a summer camp. After a long break back with the best of the best...invited are THE stars of the scene: Carmen Vincelj (9 x World Champion Professionals), Sergey Surkov (2 x European Champion Professionals), Warren Boyce (World Champion), Maria Polishchuk (World Champion), the Ukrainian Latin Specialist Alex Gotsulyak and of course Alla Bastert-Tkachenko our Sports Director. A full Day of dancing...for more information contact Dirk Bastert +49 176 609 653 89

Eduard & Charlotte also champion in Assen!

Our Junior-Stars in Ballroom Eduard Belyakov & Charlotte Feueboether seem to be unstoppable right now. In Holland now on the famous floor of Assen they first won the Under 16 Ballroom competition clear. And after they also challenged the older couples in the Under 19 Ballroom category. And Even here they could leave the international field behind. With 4 goldmedals and 2 champion titles in the suitcase they came back to Köln. Congratulations to them!!

New team of trainers! World champions!

The changes in the Art of Dance you can call really sensational! In Latin we have now the World Champion U21 Oleg Zugan! In Ballroom new member of the Team is the World Champion Amateurs Maria Polishchuk! For the Kids and the pre-competitors will be responsible the multiple German Champion Rita Schumichin! And still in charge as the sports director, this since 16 years now, is Alla Bastert-Tkachenko. This alone is so promising for the future. Then we have the very experienced coach for ballet and fitness, Yulia. And for beginner kids also the former world champion Viktoriya Anisenko and the Ukrainian champions Sasha & Yana. What an incredible team!!!

New Structure, New groups!

From 01.Juni 2022 we have a new schedule! More groups for kids beginners and advanced...and also for competitors we have 4 days during the week groups in Latin and Ballroom with world champions! New is also a special group in ballet/stretch/  fitness! AND Friday 1 hour competition preperation with finals and possible feedback of the trainer team!

Here the report on RTL television "Punkt 12" by Katja Burkard

To see  the full report of Katja Burkard from the 24.May 2022 use the link to get the article on facebook...

Another television film crew in the studio

Luckily the attention is still up to the situation of all the Young Ukrainians in the studio right now. Around 60 dancers the Art of Dance welcomed as new membrs of the club. 

This time in the center of attention were Yaroslav and Adel. We will Information you, when it will be published.

Eduard and Charlotte champion in Paris

 It seems, that Eduard Belyakov & Charlotte Feuerböther able to tonfirm their Position in the top of the international ranking.

In France they won the champion title in the  Junior Under 16 Ballroom category, after winning also before the Rising Stars in the same age group.They left the couples from England and Ukraine behind them. Even in the youth they got first and only by one Single place missing their 4th title in the Open Youth Ballroom. Great weekend for Eduard and Charlotte during the 2e Trophee de Paris Issy.

Ukrainian couples winning in England and France

The Art of Dance Köln is happy to help some Ukrainian couples back to the competition floor during this awful time. Also by a financial support for the travel expenses of the club, the couples were able to take part in England and France. In Blackpool Vova Sviatchenyi/ Sofiia Borush Took 2 times the champion title!! Junior Under 14 and Junior Under 16 Ballroom These two were unstoppable. Yegor Boiko/ Katia Galamai also very successful: in Junior Under 14 Ballroom the became vice champion and also finalists of the Junior Under 14 Latin competition.

In France a week later the youngest Ukrainian couple Yaroslav Ugliar and Adel Bahatyrchuk dance the first event together in Paris. Only 9 and 8 years old, they took several Gold, silver and bronze medals and cups to Köln and represented Ukraine in a fantastic way!

Mike Heirich & Maren Mölken Top in Senior section

A couple from the Art of Dance during the last weeks from success to success...first in Berlin at th "Blaues Band der Spree" after that in Frankfurt at "Hessen Tanzt". Always they brought cups and medals home to Köln.

We are so curious, what the next time will bring for them...congratulations to Mike and Maren!

Eduard Belyakov & Charlotte Feuerböther so successful in Blackpool!

Super success for Eduard & Charlotte in the holy city of dancesport: in Blackpool...for the very first time for both of them they had the chance to compete in England, so they prepared the weeks before very intense in our studio to the unique music, belonging to this iconic place.                    And our newcomers had a tremendous start in the UK...through 4 rounds they reached the final of the Junior Under 16 Ballroom and were placed 4th in the end. What a wondeful surprise! Not enough with this, they managed to be vice champion in the Tango  competition! Directly behind the Danish champions, but in front of the couple from Latvia and England. We are proud of their performances and results! Well done Eduard and Charlotte!!

Ukrainian dancers performing big in Köln

On 7 nights some of the Ukrainian dancers, who found their "home" during this period, gave a great show to the audience in the Gürzenich in Köln. The dance school van Hasselt invited these young stars to their gala balls. It was always an emotional experience for all, for the guests and for the young dancers as well.

RTL in the studio

Katja Burkard from the tv news magazin "Punkt 12" came to the studio to report about the situation of the Ukrainian dancers in the Art of Dance and the support we are giving right now.


Ukrainian champions in our studio

26th and 27th March we had the Ukrainian trainer again in our studio in Köln. The Vice World Champion of the Professionals Stas Portanenko and the World Champion of the Amateurs Maria Polishchuk. They are coming on a regular base now to us to help and improve especially all Ukrainian dancers. Thank you for that!!

Eduard & Charlotte had lessons with Edita

Last weekend Eduard Belyakov & Charlotte Feuerböther had the chance to improve their skills with the already legendary Edita Gozzoli. 

Some new choreography in Tango and further developed technique will be seen on the competition floor soon.

Art of Dance helps Ukrainian kids!

More and more families, mostly mothers with their kids, arriving in Köln since the war continues in the Ukraine. The Art of Dance will help those families as good as we can. All Ukrainian children are invited to learn dancing in our studio without any costs! Artem Panasenko, a former junior world champion, who was fleeing with his mother from Kiyv, will lead the classes in Ukrainian language. 

The young dancers, who came during the last 2 weeks, we provide membership without any costs. This means they can use the studio for practice and also can take part in group lessons for free. Even as members of the AoD they will be able to represent Ukraine and their former club during competitions in the future.

Fundraising for Ukrainian dancers by Art of Dance

They left Ukraine with a small suitcase or a just a backpack. For Most of them no space for taking dance Shoes or clothes practice. We decided to find a way somehow to help, that everyone has the Chance to go to practice in studio. Art of Dance created a fundraising project with the Goal to Buy shoes and practice wear for all the Young dancers. Hope it will fast! Here is the link for supporting this idea: Fundraising Project

Ukrainian dancers and families arriving in Köln

Since the beginning of the war in the Ukraine hundred thousends of people were forced to leave their homes, cities and also their country. Alla & Dirk immediatly reacted and offered help and support to everyone needed. Families of dancers arrived now in Köln. They got accommodation and everything first needed. On Monday 15th March for the first time all families and dancers came together. Talking and organizing, what is next do. But most important to comfort each other and feel a small community.   

Eduard & Charlotte with first international competition

The uprising stars of the Art of Dance Köln had a perfect start in their first international competition. With a lot of confidence and without and fear they danced in several categories against strong competitors. Surprisingly, but well deserved, they even managed to reach the final in the junior ballroom event and were placed fourth in the end. What a great beginning for both of them! Congratulations to both of them, well done!