Art of Dance Köln the choice of champions

About the Art of Dance Köln

The Art of Dance Köln e.V. was founded 2006 by Dirk Bastert & Alla Bastert-Tkachenko. Since then the club became one of the most successful in Germany. Especially in the sections Juvenile-Junior-Youth the concepts are working extraordinarily well. The list of results and awards is long. Many very successful and today famous dancers started their road of success in the Art of Dance Köln (List of Champions). 

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list of success:

World Championships
Vice World Champion
10-times final
18-times qualified

European Championships

Vice European Champion Team

Bonze Medal

3-times final

9-times qualified

World Cup

1-time World Cup Champion

Europe Cup

1-time Europe Cup Champion

German Open Championships (GOC Stuttgart)

5-times GOC Champion

German Championships

best club 2017 overall 

2-times best club Standard 2015/17

best club 10 Dance 2017

25-times German Champion

West German Championships

22-times best club (2015-2019 undefeated in all 3 sections St/Lat/10 D)

10-times best club Standard 2007/08/09/13/14/15/16/17/18/19

8-times best club Latin 2008/09/13/15/16/17/18

4-times best club 10 Dance 2007/08/16/17

135-times West German Champion